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Ella Grüssner Cromwell-Morgan: voice, violin, nyckelharpa, flutes, bagpipe
Johanna Danielsson Grüssner: voice & djembe
Isabella Grüssner Sarling: voice
Kristoffer Gottberg: bass, percussion, voice
Markus Helander: percussion, voice
Heikki Savolainen: sound work, co-arranger, percussion, throat voice

The three Scandinavian sisters of Ulvens döttrar (The Daughters of the Wolf) from the Åland Islands continue their folky tales on their latest album, Frusen dans (Frozen Dance) with all original music. They are featured with imaginative vocal arrangements as well as dexterous handling of an array of instruments.

Frusen dans - Frozen Dance

Released 2015

by Ulvens Döttrar


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